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Joining Families Support Services

We are here to serve our community. JFSS advocates for and empowers people with life skills, knowledge, awareness, and realistic strategies to change their lives positively. Through advocacy and representation, we join families and network with our partners to support families and provide immediate, short-term and long-term care for individuals, children, young people, adults and elders.

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JFSS is an NDIS Registered Provider. The NDIS provides support to Australians with a permanent and significant disability, their families and carers.


If you have a disability that affects how you take part in daily activities and you acquire the disability before the age of 65, then NDIS is for you.


The NDIS is designed to give control to eligible participants. Being eligible means having access to NDIS funding for reasonable and necessary support that help participants determine their future while matching clients' needs and goals.

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