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 Oakhurst Seniors Group 

Joining together to have conversations and cups of tea. 

 Our team of experienced professionals is supported by talented social work students,  providing  a supportive and caring environment for seniors to thrive in.

  Every second Wednesday from 10am to noon.

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The Oakhurst Senior Group provides a safe and comfortable environment for seniors to come together and enjoy meaningful conversations with friends. Conversation groups and activities lead by friendly volunteers and staff are designed to foster lasting friendships. 


The Oakhurst Senior Group is dedicated to helping seniors stay active and engaged. We offer a variety of movement programs, from gentle stretching and yoga to walks around the neighborhood. Our goal is to help seniors stay healthy and active, and to enjoy life to the fullest.


The Oakhurst Senior Group offers seniors a chance to come together and have fun. Our fortnightly social meeting is not only a great way to pass the time with some games, but also a great opportunity to make meaningful connections with other seniors in the community. 

Cups of tea

The Oakhurst Senior Group offers a wonderful service for seniors in the area. Every fortnight, members can come together and enjoy a cup of tea while they socialise with other seniors, staff and young friendly volunteers

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Register Now 

Join us for a morning of meaningful conversations, cups of teas and fun every second Wednesday from 10am to noon. 

PH: 02 8605 3652

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