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Family Services Programs

Our Family Services are for families in Blacktown, Penrith and Parramatta Local government Areas. We partner with families everyday to support better outcomes for children.

Family Services can offer:


  • Counselling and support to assist in resolving family conflict and hardship.

  • Social support for parents and children

  • Supported Playgroups to foster and promote positive parent-child interaction, and improve parent/caregiver play skills and connection with their children

  • Information and advice about child development and links to children’s services including kindergartens, child care and playgroups

  • Individual and group-based support, education and skills development to help parents and carers raise happy, healthy kids

  • Assistance for parents getting help from other services such as housing, Centrelink, disability services, adult health services and child health services

  • Support and assistance to families to address the causes and harmful behaviours against children

  • Information and links to other community groups and services as needed. 

  • Appointments can be in your own home, our offices at Oakhurst, or another agreed place.

Our qualified and experienced staff work with families to identify their needs and develop goals to address those needs.

To find out how you can get a referral into one of these groups or for further information on other ways Family Services can help you.

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