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Joining Families Support Services (JFSS) is a not-for-profit community and social organization supporting individuals and families to achieve their full potential. We provide individuals and families with the following:




JFSS provides support services to our society's disadvantaged and vulnerable people, including from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, refugees, asylum seekers and the broader community. Our goals are to assist our clients in building capacity, overcoming inequality, fostering family resilience, and building stronger communities.

We are here to serve our community. JFSS advocates for and empowers people with life skills, knowledge, awareness, and realistic strategies to change their lives positively. Through advocacy and representation, we join families and network with our partners to support individuals and families by providing immediate, short-term, and long-term care for children, young people and adults.

NDIS services

Family Support Services

Day programs

Day & Night Respite

Emergency Respite



 Joining families together


 Creating better lives full of joy, happiness and harmony for children, adults, families and the community.


Nurturing individuals and families while networking with our partners to build stronger communities.


  • We value individual’s differences

  • We are ethical and act with integrity in all we do

  • We are accountable to the families and community we serve and to our funding bodies

  • We see each person’s strength and believe that every individual can grow, build and shape their own life

  • We enable to overcome challenges


  • We care, strive and advocate for equity and opportunity for all

  • We build relationships with those we save and care for

  • We stand with our community. We dedicate ourselves to their rights and interests

  • We are ethical and act with integrity in all we do.

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