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Joining Families Support Services is a registered provider of Capacity Building Support, including Support Coordination. We give people with disabilities a chance to live fulfilling lives based on their own choices and level of control. We support our participants in growing their networks, improving their skills and collaborating meaningfully.

What is Support Coordination? What do we do?

Support Coordination assists you in understanding the NDIS and maximizing your NDIS plan so that your needs are fulfilled, and your goals are met, served and achieved successfully. 

Your JFSS Support Coordinator will:

✔ Helps to connect you with NDIS providers, community, mainstream and other government agency services

✔ Help you understand the details of your plan and how to access NDIS funding and community support.

✔ Find and contact local service providers and other support services of your choice

✔ Provide support throughout planning, especially when things don't go as planned

✔ Work with you to develop service agreements with service providers and support services of your choice

Our qualified and experienced support coordinators are the most suitable people to help you implement your plans, achieve the results you want, and help you actively participate in the community to create a meaningful life because they are committed to understanding your individual needs and preferences.

✔ Applying a solution-focused and person-centered approach

✔ Helps make informed choices and decisions

✔ Try to support yourself no matter how difficult the situation is

✔ Our support coordinators will share your journey as long as you want 

✔ Our Coordinators are experienced planners who will work with you and your unique situations and needs to help explain your life now and what it takes to move forward into a more favorable future

For further information on costs, availability and support services provided, please contact us at

Support Coordination Enquiry

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