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Settlement Services

When arriving in a new country, many new arrivals need help to an unfamiliar society and culture. Migration can be confusing and overwhelming for families. JFSS Settlement Support Program provides initial settlement assistance to immigrants, refugees, and individuals/families seeking asylum. The immediate support of newcomers is essential in ensuring a successful integration into Australian society. JFSS programs expose newly arrived individuals too various support services and groups while providing essential life and communication skills to promote and self-reliance.

The objectives of Joining Families’ settlement support are to:

  • Nurture resilience, self-reliance and confidence while settling in a new environment

  • Promote equitable participation within society

  • Promote social cohesion and diversity within Australian society

  • Improve social and economic well-being of individuals and families settling in Australia

  • Strengthen community connectedness


Who is eligible for these settlement services?

  • Those who have lived in Australia for 5 years or less

  • Immigrants with low levels of English language proficiency


Services provided to clients:

Casework: our experienced team of caseworkers empower new arrivals to live independently in Australia, by providing them with relevant information, advice, and referral services.

Education and Training: We help new arrivals acquire higher English language proficiency, develop educational pathway plans and prepare employment-ready individuals.

Employment Support: our employment services provide new arrivals with job searching skills, resume writing, and job interview skills.



Our settlement support services will enable people of refugees background, immigrants, and asylum seekers to efficiently engages and settle into their new environment, enhancement their immediate quality of life and participation in their community.

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