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The African Families Christmas Dinner Night

The African Christmas Dinner Night is an annual multicultural event organized by the JFSS board committee members sponsored, and supported by Blacktown City Council, Parramatta City Council and the Hills Shire Council.  often has a huge and well represented. The diversity is characterised by African multicultural performance of dance, comedy, fashion show, culturally specific performances, children's performances, and adult singing and drumming performances

The African Drumming Group

The African Drumming is a group of teenagers who aspire to learn how to beat the African Drum and acquire the desired drumming skills.

This project aims at integrating African cultural practices within African-Australian and mainstream society. It raises awareness of African cultures in Australia, exposes African Australians to the broader social life, breaks African Australian youth isolation, promotes diverse friendships, empowered African Australian youth, educates, informs and contributes towards the development of Australia.

The Burundian Women's Association

The Burundian Women's Basket Weaving Project involved well-coordinated weekly workshops. Skills of weaving traditional Burundian baskets' skills and cultural practices are shared between the women and girls in the group. One of the aims of the project is to highlight and share Burundian culture with other communities within the Blacktown local government Area.

The Friends of Refugees Project

The Friends of Refugees project is a mention program for refugees. The project recruits' Australian volunteers, trains them and links them with newly arrived refugees migrants. In the hope of creating long-lasting friendships. These volunteers support refugees by introducing them to key practices, agencies and support services, making life bearable for the refugee. This program allows refugees to be introduced to be introduced to their local community, reduces feelings of loneliness, provides refugees with better access to Support and Insight into their new lifestyle.

The African Women Cleaning Project

The African Women Cleaning Project (AWCP) provides cleaning services to African communities, refugees, migrants and the broader community. The AWCP is a social enterprise creating jobs for African Immigrants with cleaning experience. Among the objectives of the projector, is to help keep Australian and Australian homes clean and free form sickness

The African Food Project

The project supports agricultural actives among African Immigrants settling within the Blacktown, Parramatta, and Hills Shire local government areas. It consists of the growing and selling of products such as, fruits, vegetables, and other foodstuffs popular among the African Diaspora community of Western Sydney.

Many communities grow and sell their traditional vegetables and foodstuffs; African communities in Western Sydney would like their traditional food to be available in Australia to feed their families and introduce the wider community to the African cuisine.

The project also seek to include diverse people  and traditional foods from Indigenous and other communities in the area. This project recognises that Australia is a multicultural country and food plays an important role in all communities within the society.


Homework Support Program

The Homework Support program is a new program that aims to providing one-on-one tutoring support to primary and high school students who require the service. The program is spearheaded by community-based volunteers who recruited on a 12-month basis and who posses the relevant tertiary qualifications. Stationery for students in need, including free colour or black and white printing is also provided.

The Neon Starz

The Neon Stars is a group of teenagers who meet every week to learn new dance routines and perform at various events. This is a mentoring program of young adults who provide ongoing mentoring services combined with music and dance

The African Youth Music Band

The African Youth Music Group program serves as an opportunity for young individuals to improve their abilities when playing musical instruments. The African Youth Music Group services as a sanctuary where young people can freely express themselves through music. Using volunteers, young people are taught how to play a musical instrument such as guitar, keyboard, piano and drum. This musical group exposes young individuals to varying music genre and broadens their understanding of African cultures. The program create a platform to build community relationships whilst promoting diversity and inclusion.

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