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Building Life skills not only allows you to be more independent, but it also
boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Learning new things is
empowering and teaches you how to manage your lives independently
with ease!


Joining Families support Services help you learn practical skills that will enable you to live independently in the community. Our team members are highly qualified and
capable of offering dependable, creative, and flexible support to accommodate different needs and goals.


We can assist to develop your daily living skills by providing:


  • Meal planning and preparation training

  • Support with your health and wellbeing

  • Travel training including using public transport and road safety rules

  • Support to develop social networks and friendships

  • Training and support to maintain your accommodation

  • Assistance with managing finances and budgeting

  • Support with literacy and numeracy skills

  • Help with managing government departments and bills

With these skills, you will have a toolset that enables you to face almost any obstacle, and move past.

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