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Counselling is the process of discussing and solving personal problems with a
counsellor. Counsellors help you approach problems positively by clarifying problems, exploring options, developing strategies, and building self-esteem. Joining Families Support Services’ qualified and experienced staff work with families to identify their needs and develop goals to address those needs. Our qualified, experienced counsellors offer confidential counselling services in following areas.

  • Family Counselling
  • Individual Counselling
  • Couple Therapy Counselling

Family Counselling

Family often describes a place like home. People we can always count on, people we feel comfortable with, people we can share our deepest thoughts and feelings with. In fact, very few families meet these expectations 100%. Joining Families Support Services Therapists are here to give hope in those moments when families can be a source of stress, separation, anxiety and unmet needs. Family counselling allows families to enter a safe, valueless, open space where everyone can gather around the table. Our therapist provides you and your family with a space to focus on expressing emotions freely, identifying and examining problems, and nurturing and building healthy and respectful relationships.

The Benefits of Family Counselling
  • Improving expression of emotions
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Healing childhood and generational trauma
  • Adapting to life transitions and changes
  • Resolving and changing structures in family units

Our therapists focus on creating an environment where families can:
  • Feel comfortable speaking up, listened to
  • Gain meaningful insight into each other’s perspectives
  • Effectively and respectfully negotiate relationship needs
  • Create accountability for individual contributions to the family whole

Individual Therapy:

One-on-one counselling is a personal opportunity to receive support and grow further during difficult times in life. Individual counselling can help you deal with many personal problems in life, such as: depression, substance abuse, anger, marriage and relationship challenges, parenting problems, school difficulties, career changes, etc. Individual counselling is a technique that focuses on an individuals immediate or near-term concerns. It includes career advice and planning, grief after the death of a loved one, and coping with any issues before they grow up.

Couple’s Therapy:

Couples therapy is a specific type of family therapy that can be beneficial in exploring the root causes of conflict between two married people. It focuses on improving communication skills so a romantic relationship can heal and grow. When two people are invested in it, there can be many benefits of marriage counselling or couples therapy. It can be instrumental in creating a partnership that’s built on mutual respect, consideration, and trust.

  • Learn more about the dynamics of your relationship.
  • Find a reliable sounding board.
  • Make a secure environment for you and your spouse.
  • Start to comprehend one anothers viewpoints
  • Start addressing the obstacles in your relationships.
  • Learn to cope in a smart and productive way

Our qualified, experienced counsellors offer confidential counselling service in this area.
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